3 Exercises You Should Do Every Day

3 Exercises You Should Do Every Day

Most of us can relate to the feeling of getting older. Even people as young as their late 20’s can start to feel their body becoming more stiff. This is largely due to inactivity such as sitting at work all day. Here at Cornerstone Rehab, we pride ourselves on having the best Physical Therapists in the world. Here are 3 exercises they recommend you can do every day in order to help prevent stiffness as you age!

  1. Trunk Rotations

  2. Cat-Cow

  3. Side Stretch

Trunk Rotations

Lie on your back and drop your knees to one side, turn your head to the other. Repeat other side. This exercise is working to improve spinal mobility.


Start on hands and knees in a neutral spine. Inhale, drop the belly, widen the collarbones, open the chest, and arch the spine. Make sure to keep the back of the neck long (often people crunch the back of the neck trying to look up in this posture). Then exhale, draw the belly in, round the spine, push the floor away, and drop the head. This simple exercise of rounding and arching your back will help to improve your spinal mobility and prevent stiffness that can come from sitting at a desk all day.

Side Stretch

You can do this standing or sitting. Reach your right arm up overhead and begin to lean your trunk over toward the left on an upward diagonal until you feel a side stretch on your right. Try not to collapse in your left waist as you do this. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on the other side. This stretch will help to lengthen your waist and improve spinal mobility.

Doing these exercises every day will help prevent stiffening as you age and will contribute to feeling young and healthy! Give them a try and let us know what you think of them by commenting on our Instagram!