New Report Advises SNF Employers to Invest in Staff

New Report Advises SNF Employers to Invest in Staff

Long-term care providers have been struggling with staffing shortages since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. McKnight’s writes about a new report published by Marsh McClennan that urges employers of skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) among others to invest in their employees. By investing in their employees, these providers can better equip themselves to survive these difficult times.

One of the authors wrote, “as senior care needs and business models evolve, it is vital for the sector to invest in its workforce so that institutions can both cope with the long tail COVID-19 and remain viable in a changing, aging world.”

Skilled nursing facilities have faced challenges with both recruiting and maintaining employees. The authors of the report write,” to attract and retain more workers, more needs to be done – with adequate funding and stakeholder support – to improve pay, working conditions, and career prospects.”

As per the report it is not only the pay that needs improvement but also skills and training. Additionally, it is recommended organizations should have proper communication to provide necessary support to employees. Employers are advised to view these tactics “as an investment rather than an expense.”

If employees are satisfied with their employer, they are more likely to stay. The authors concluded, “a more stable and successful business with more energized and loyal employees, as well as better standing in the eyes of ESG [environmental, social, and governance]-conscious insurers and lenders” will be the result of such an investment.

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