When is National Speech Language Pathologist Day?

When is National Speech Language Pathologist Day?

The field of speech pathology first started to gain interest in the early 1900’s. As soldiers returned home after fighting brutal wars with traumatic brain injuries, the interest in speech pathology grew. In the year 1926, the American Academy of Speech Correction was established. In the year 2010, United States dedicated May 18th as the ‘National Speech Pathologist’ day. On May 18th, we celebrate about 162,000 speech pathologists across America. The month of May is also celebrated as Better Speech and Language Month.

What do Speech Pathologists Do?

Speech Pathologists are specialists in communication. They focus on the various parts of speech including language, voice, fluency and swallowing. They also help individuals with speech and language disorders. In general, they help people communicate better and more effectively. They help to assess, diagnose and treat speech language disorders.

Speech intervention may be necessary at any age. Some communication disorders may be present at birth, while others develop at a later age. The causes also vary. While some may be due to genetic disorders, and for others it may be caused by an illness or injury. Speech pathologists help individuals in all walks of life, from babies to the geriatric population They may be employed at schools, hospitals or long-term care facilities.

The speech pathologists at Cornerstone Rehab specialize in caring for the geriatric population in long-term care facilities i.e. nursing homes. Seniors may develop a stutter as they age due to neurogenic reasons. Speech pathologists assist as rehabilitation staff. They provide care to seniors with disabilities and disorders that may be caused by a variety of illnesses including:

  1. Stroke

  2. Multiple sclerosis

  3. Cerebral palsy

  4. Traumatic brain injury

  5. Genetic disorders

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