Why Occupational Therapy is Important

Why Occupational Therapy is Important

Occupational therapy helps patients regain daily living skills that are necessary for everyday activities or what one may refer to as ‘occupations’. An occupational therapist (OT) creates a treatment plan specific to the patient as per their diagnosis and physical needs. An occupational therapy assistant can help carry out the treatment with the patient. An individual may need OT for a number of reasons. Learn more about what occupational therapy does.

Occupational therapy provides comprehensive recovery services. This helps those recovering from illnesses, injuries and surgeries to regain functionality. Occupational therapy not only helps to improve the patient’s ability to perform certain tasks, but also be able to live with as much independence as possible in their daily life. This can include personal tasks such as bathing, dressing and cooking. It is a holistic approach for recovery. As one regains independence in life, their quality of life improves. Some components of OT include:

  1. Activities of daily living

    •  Self-care

    • Home management

  2. Range of motion and strength in upper and lower extremities

  3. Guidance on how to use adaptive equipment

  4. Home evaluations

The goal of OT is to improve the patient’s functional abilities. An occupational therapist guides the patient with techniques and exercises. This therapy is important to a patient because not only does it allow the patient to recover, but also help them live their life independently afterwards.

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