How Does Occupational Therapy Work and Why Is It So Important? 

How Does Occupational Therapy Work and Why Is It So Important? 

Occupational therapy helps patients regain daily living skills that are necessary for everyday activities. Occupational therapy (OT) helps treat people who are injured, disabled or ill through the use of various techniques and exercises. The goal is to help them re-gain independence and be safe in their environment. Therapy can also help patients recover from both physical and cognitive conditions. The type of exercises that are performed vary depending on the conditions and needs of each patient. For example, a patient with Parkinson’s disease will have a unique treatment plan compared to someone recovering from a stroke. Learn more about Occupational Therapy here.

Elderly individuals are at higher risk for falls that could cause serious injuries. When an older individual falls, they are more likely to have fractures and a slower recovery due to age. Occupational therapy also teaches methods that can help prevent falls, including balance and muscle-building exercises to help the older adult to remain safe in their home.

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Occupational therapists may also assess the living space of their patients and recommend modifications to promote independent living. Some modifications can include:

  1. Handrails

  2. Grab bars in shower

  3. Walk-in showers

  4. Wheelchair ramps

  5. Power lift recliners

  6. Reach devices to pick things up off the floor

Not only does an occupational therapist make the recommendations, but they also help to educate patients on how to use each adaptive device safely. They may also assess a home for potential safety issues and fall risks, offering ways to make the home environment safer.

In conclusion, occupational therapy works by not only treating the conditions of a patient, but also by putting certain measures in place to prevent further injuries. The ultimate goal is to help patients conduct daily living activities with ease and regain independence. 

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