Nursing Home Staff Strongly Encouraged to Get COVID-19 Vaccine

The federal government is instructing nursing home staff to get vaccinated as soon as the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available. They are being asked to not wait for the vaccines to be available in the nursing homes in partnership with pharmacies such as CVS Health and Walgreens. These two pharmacies have partnered with the federal government to provide immunizations in nursing homes. The Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program should not be the primary option for the staff, but instead more of a last resort. Staff should seek the immunizations from local clinics in the community.

It is anticipated by Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that there will be clinics set up for health care workers to receive the vaccine. Additionally, there will be agreements with pharmacies such as CVS or Walgreens to provide the immunizations.

For the long-term care vaccination plan, pharmacies will handle the process of the immunization for the nursing homes. This will include storing, distributing and administering the vaccines. The task force is ready to start the administration of vaccines in 24-48 hours once they receive the Emergency Use Authorization. The CDC is also trying to prevent operators from using their own LTC pharmacy partners for this effort as guidelines are stricter for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Providers can choose to opt into the program by November 6th. Learn more here.