What Speech Language Pathologists Do

What Speech Language Pathologists Do

Speech Language Pathologists also known as SLPs help with communication and swallowing disorders. They are speech experts who evaluate, diagnose and treat individuals of all ages. SLPs work in various settings including private practices, hospitals and nursing homes. Speech disorders can be caused by a number of various conditions. This can include:

  1. Autism Spectrum Disorder

  2. Speech muscle weakness (Dysarthia)

  3. Laryngectomy

  4. Neurological Disorders

  5. Alzheimer’s Disease

  6. Parkinson’s Disease

The clinicians at Cornerstone Rehab work with the geriatric population specializing in older adult care. A senior might need speech therapy for numerous reasons. This can be due to onset of Dementia or Parkinson’s. Speech therapy might also be necessary if a patient is recovering from a brain injury or stroke. Such conditions can cause changes in speech. SLPs use a variety of exercises and tools to help the patients speak clearer, swallow easier and breath better. Some conditions such as Alzheimer’s do not have a cure. In this case, the goal is improve the quality of life for these individuals. SLPs not only help with expressive language such as talking and writing, but also with receptive language including listening and reading. They also help to address:

  1. Apraxia of speech

  2. Aphasia

  3. Pragmatics

  4. Usage of voice

  5. Fluency

Speech language pathologists work with many other professionals as a part of the health care plan depending on the needs of the patient. In a long-term care setting such as nursing homes, SLPs are part of the rehabilitation team which also includes physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists and occupational therapist assistants. Learn more about physical and occupational therapy. Additionally, SLPs may also work with physicians, dentist, behavior specialists and more.

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