Nursing Homes Receive a Third of a Billion Dollars

As COVID-19 cases rise across the country, the Department of Health and Human Services is leading a new initiative to keep residents in nursing homes safe. Providers who have had safer performances during the months of August and September will be rewarded. In the beginning of November, approximately  a third of a billion dollars ($333 million) will be distributed to over 10,000 nursing homes. More than three fourths of the nursing homes qualified for the payment due to lower mortality and infection criteria. As per the CDC data, this performance-based payment structure has helped keep mortality and infection rates lower in the homes compared to the communities they serve. It is estimated that safety precautions by providers lead to 1,200 fewer deaths caused by COVID-19.

There are five incentives scheduled under the $2 billion COVID-19 funding plan. This is the first segment. Nursing home administrators are ecstatic for the support. With the appropriate resources and equipment, NH’s are better prepared to continue fighting this long battle with coronavirus.

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