Older Men at Higher Risk for Falls Related Head Trauma

Older Men at Higher Risk for Falls Related Head Trauma

Older adults are at a higher risk for falls which cause trauma to the head, fractured bones and visits to the emergency department. Older women have more falls when compared to men, but men who are 65 years or older have a higher number of falls that cause skull fractures. McKnights reports about this new finding from a recent study.

The study was comprised of 5,400 individuals who had to visit the emergency room with skull fractures caused by acute trauma. The average age of the participants was in the early 80s and it was discovered that 85 percent of the head injuries were caused by falls. Computed tomography (CT) scans were conducted on all.

Study researchers were surprised to find that men had more head trauma-related skull fractures than women after a fall.  The results were consistent across race, ethnicity and the mechanism of the fall.

Studies conducted prior to this claimed that women are more prone to having facial fractures caused by falls. Other studies have concluded that women have an increased reduction of skull thickness when compared to men.

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Scott M. Alter, MD, of Florida Atlantic University Schmidt College of Medicine stated, “The high incidence of head injury and subsequent skull fractures due to falls is a cause for concern as our aging population continues living active lifestyles. Fall prevention may be an important intervention to consider in reducing morbidity.”

Alter added that long-term care facilities can educate residents on falls prevention to help reduce injuries.

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