Providers Struggle to File Reports as PRF Requirements Continue to Change

prf requirements

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) opened a new Provider Relief Fund (PRF) portal earlier this month. Providers are working hard to ensure all reports and data are accurately uploaded to help prevent any confusion during audits. Skilled Nursing News reports consultants and skilled nursing advocacy groups are also providing guidance to help providers…

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CMS Proposes 15% Cuts for Physical & Occupational Therapy Services

physical & occupational therapy physical & occupational therapy

The federal government has proposed cuts for Medicare reimbursements for Part B therapy services for the upcoming year. The 2022 Medicare Physician Schedule Proposed Rule is suggesting 2% cuts. These cuts will directly affect beneficiaries who receive rehabilitation services in skilled nursing facilities. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has also proposed a 15%…

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Nursing Homes Deemed the One of the “Safest Places”

nursing homes

The National Investment for Seniors Housing & Care has stated that skilled nursing facilities in the U.S. are one of the “safest places” for seniors. McKnight’s reports COVID-19 cases have drastically decreased in nursing homes since vaccinations began in December 2020. There has been a 98% decrease in reported cases and they account for only…

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COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on Smaller Operators


The COVID-19 pandemic impacted businesses across the globe no matter how big or small. Skilled nursing operators were no different. Now as the pandemic is slowly ending, occupancy rates in nursing homes are gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels reports Skilled Nursing News. In January 2021, all nursing homes were underperforming with occupancy rates below 80%…

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SNFs Lag Behind in Reporting Vaccination Rates to CMS

reporting vaccination rates

Vaccination reporting to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for skilled nursing facilities kicked off last month. McKnight’s reports data shows that only 25% of SNFs have reported vaccination rates for staff and residents as of May 30. Starting Monday, June 14 operators will be penalized for not reporting vaccination data. A spokesperson…

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Improving Workplace Culture Can Help Staffing Shortages

improving workplace culture

The skilled nursing industry has been slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic with increasing occupancy rates. However, there are still certain challenges that operators will face in the upcoming months reports Skilled Nursing News. One of the bigger issues nursing homes face will be staffing rates. Panelists at a recent Synergy Summit agreed that in…

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Improved Communication with Hospitals Important for Patient Referrals in SNFs

improved communication

Hospitals are slowly recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic with rising patient volumes. Skilled Nursing News reports they are now reaching pre-pandemic levels. Nursing home operators are dependent on hospitals for referrals of new patients. Dr. Ben Zaniello, chief medical officer of PointClickCare, believes that it is necessary for operators to improve relationships with referring hospitals…

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Progressive Rehabilitation Benefits Frail Seniors

progressive rehabilitation

A new study has found that patients who are older and have acute heart failure-related hospitalizations benefit more from “early, transitional, tailored, progressive rehabilitation” therapy reports McKnights. There are more functional benefits and patients have an enhanced quality of life. The patients studied were frailer, had frequent hospitalizations and a prolonged recovery. The study included…

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Rise in Seniors with High-Energy Fractures Needing Rehab

high-energy fractures

The number of hospitalizations and deaths for extremity fractures has decreased in seniors and especially women. However, these individuals are being hospitalized for other kinds of fractures reports McKnights. Skilled nursing facilities offering acute rehabilitation care should be prepared for therapy that will be required by these patients. A study surveyed hospitalizations among seniors caused…

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Therapists Want Telehealth to Stay Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic changed how care was provided for some professions. Clinicians were able to widely use telehealth services for socially distanced visits. As Skilled Nursing News reports, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) allowed waivers for telehealth services during this time of crisis. However, physical, occupational and speech therapists had to wait…

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